Thursday, November 3, 2011

Remy speaks to Train4TradeSkills Radio about his plumbing training

So Remy, what were you doing before Train4TradeSkills?

I was working in outside catering in London for 6 years.

Are you still doing that job now then?

No, I’m actually working as a plumber now. I work for a company called RW Property Services in Wandsworth in London. It’s a small company but they are good.

How long have you been working as a plumber for?

Just since the beginning of the year. I got made redundant in June and finished off my studying and then started working as a plumber.

Is that working for someone or is that your own business?

I worked for 2 people this year. One was just for 6 months who was showing me what to do. When you leave this course you don’t know absolutely everything, so it helps that you have someone to show you what to do.

What sort of plumbing jobs are you doing then?

Well it’s maintenance, it’s refurbs and doing a lot of the gas work as well.

How did you go about getting that work as a plumber?

In the beginning I sent out a lot of CV’s which I didn’t really hear back from – I heard back from 3 out of 22 CV’s and they said they didn’t have any work. The person I was working for I knew them and they were looking for someone, so they contacted me, which was quite lucky.

How are you finding the practical training?

Yeah it’s good fun. Meeting a lot of new people. The lecturers are very good, very friendly and always there to help you when needed. And we do learn a lot coming here. We can always ask them questions from being out on site if we don’t understand how things work.

How did you find out about Train4TradeSkills?

Well I came across them on the internet when I was doing some research to see which company I wanted to go with and they were one of the first ones that came up and they were one of the first people that came out to see me. Another group came to see me as well – but I wanted to join Train4TradeSkills right away.

What are your plans when you have finished your course?

For starters I will continue working for the company I am working for at the moment. After a couple of years I will start my own business.

Have you got advice for people who want to take up plumbing or a trade?

A lot of dedication. In the beginning it’s hard to start because if someone does take you on, they may not pay you or may not pay you that much. People should realise that they should stick through it, because it doesn’t last forever and you will start earning more money in the end.

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