Friday, November 18, 2011

Mourise tells Train4TradeSkills Radio about training as a plumber

So Mourise, what were you doing before Train4TradeSkills?

Actually I’m a waiter at Pizza Hut in Dartford, which is my first job since coming to the UK. Before I was working as Operations Manager for underwater service in Jamaica. I’ve now been here for 6 years and I’m still in my present job.

You’re training to be a plumber then. Have you always been interested in plumbing?

Before I came here I tried to get on a course in Jamaica but the waiting list was a bit long, so before I could get on it I migrated and came here.

Have you been doing any plumbing work and getting any experience outside of your course?

Yeah, I’ve fixed a few pipes at work. Every opportunity I get I try and get some experience. Presently there’s some pipes at work, I told the manager I’d take a look at it, and anything I can learn something from I’ll give it a chance.

Most of what’s in the books, when you do it it’s exactly the same thing so the course is working.

How are you finding the practical training?

It’s really interesting. I must say I really like the course, learning a lot and it actually covers everything that’s out there to do with the plumbing.

How are you finding the tutors – are they helping you out?

They are very helpful, knowledgeable and any one of them you can ask and they are willing to help.

What are your plans when you have finished the course?

I see myself working with someone else. At the present time I haven’t got the finances, but in the future I would like to start my own business.

How did you come across Train4TradeSkills then? How did you find out about the course?

Since I came here, working at Pizza Hut you get minimum wage  and I always try and look forward. I always look at all the opportunities available and training. I usually write them down and get information about it. There were some customers who came in and told me about and vouched for Train4TradeSkills. It was also in the papers as well and I tried to contact almost everyone of them.

So Mourise, have you got any advice for people who want to take up plumbing or a trade?

They have to have an interest in the course, show that you are capable of handling it and you’re not just taking up the course for the sake of it – there’s a lot of studying. I like the course and keep pushing myself with it.

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