Wednesday, November 23, 2011

John Hall tells Train4TradeSkills Radio about his electrical course

So John, what were you doing before Train4TradeSkills?

Before I started this I was a greenkeeper, working at Gloucester golf course and not liking the winters that much, so I wanted a change in direction with my career.

You mentioned you’re Australian. How long have you lived in the UK then?

I’ve lived here for 18 months this time, but it was for two years about five years ago.

What were you doing back in Australia then?

I was a greenkeeper, working on golf courses, cricket pitches and football fields and all those kind of areas.

So you’re training as an electrician. Have you always had an interest in electrics?

Probably about 6-8 months before I left home, my mate and I started buying old houses and doing them up. He was an electrician, so I used to give him a hand doing the electrics when they need updating and whatnot, so that’s when I started to get into it.

Have you been doing any electrical work since you started the course then?

Not as yet, no. My greenkeeping work have been keeping me busy and I run a ground maintenance business that has kept me pretty busy in the last few months. I have since quit my greenkeeping work and will be now able to do some electrical work during the course.

You mentioned you did some electrical work in Australia. How do the rules or legislation differ for electrical work between the UK and Australia?

The simple thing is in Australia we have 240V and you have 230V over here. Other than that they are basically the same. My personal opinion is that it comes down to common sense, if you work within common sense to cut out the risks, then it will be fine.

So John, how are you finding the practical training?

The practical training is good, they do fill your head with a lot of things as the day goes on and at the end of the day you’re a bit exhausted. It’s pretty good – you learn a lot of stuff you don’t realise you’re learning until you come to an exam or something later on.

What sort of jobs are you doing this week then?

This week I’m doing Inspection and Testing, which basically means going to a power board and finding what’s wrong and repairing it.

How did you find out about Train4TradeSkills then? What brought you to the course?

On the net. I was looking for a new way for my career to go and I just Googled a few bits and pieces and that’s what happened to come up to be honest.

What are your plans when you have finished your course?

A friend of mine who lives down the road from me is an electrician and we’re going to start our own business and hopefully grow from there.

So John, have you got any advice for people who want to train as an electrician and the qualities that they need to have?

Basically you’ve just got to think it through before you dive in, because it is a lot of money you’re going to put out, but if you can make sure you can finish the course and do it properly, there’s light at the end of turnnel. You’ve just got to put the hard yards in.

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