Thursday, October 27, 2011

Raja Iqbal talks to Train4TradeSkills Radio about training as an electrician

So Raj, what were you doing before Train4TradeSkills?

I was looking for a job.

Are you working at the moment?


You are training as an electrician then. Have you always been interested in electrics?

I have a basic qualification from my native country which is Pakistan and came here years ago and tried to find a job in the same field. But every employer asks me about 17th Edition or any qualifications from this country which I don’t have.

Were you working as an electrician in Pakistan then?


How long were you doing that for?

I have been working in electrics for the last 32 years.

With the rules and regulations, how much do they differ between England and Pakistan?

A hell of a lot of difference.

Can you give us some examples of how they differ?

Let’s start from the basic difference that every electrical installation here is according to regulations and codes. In my country there are codes but they are not applicable to domestic, commercial and industrial places and equipment. Here it is very strict.

Secondly the application and the training which we have here is more wide. In Pakistan we have the courses and training because they don’t have the right knowledge of the electrical things and the regulations are not strictly applied – that’s the difference I feel between here and my country.

Let’s talk about your practical training. What jobs are you doing this week?

The first day, which was yesterday, we did trunking and cabling, and today we are doing PAT testing.

What are your plans when you finish your course?

My plans are to apply for a facilities engineers job in a 4 or 5-star hotel.

Have you got any advice for people who want to get into the electrical industry?

I have a special message for youngsters from Pakistan and worldwide – they should go for a trade. When they finish their academy qualification  they must go for a technical qualification and nowadays, in this country especially, plumbing, electrics and the Gas-safe trades are very famous and highly required.

They will get a job for these 3 trades immediately so I will advise them all to go for any of these trades, they will get the job and will live a very happy life.

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