Monday, October 31, 2011

Kamel talks to Train4TradeSkills Radio about training to be a plumber

So Kamel, what were you doing before Train4TradeSkills?

Currently I am doing temporary contracts.

What sort of contracts are they then?

They are admin contracts.

So you’re on the plumbing course. Have you always been interested in plumbing?

I recently became interested in plumbing. The interest came about when I saw my brother fitting a boiler in my house.

Let’s talk about the practical training then. How are you finding it?

I’m finding it OK.

What week are you on?

I’m on the first week and it’s my second day.

What jobs are you doing this week then?

Yesterday we did a bit of soldering and made to measure diagram and today we’ve been doing pipe bending.

Let’s talk about the theory part of the course. How are you finding that?

I’ve found it quite straightforward.

Have you got any studying tips or ways of studying that work really well?

I just read my books and then make notes at the end.

What are your plans when you have finished the course?

My plans are to work for a company, just to get some experience and hopefully become self-employed once I’ve got enough experience behind me.

So Kamel, what brought you to Train4TradeSkills then?

I was interested in doing  a plumbing course, I registered my details  on the website and then a consultant came out to speak to me and I joined the course.

Have you got any advice for any women who, like you, are interested in taking up a trade or going into plumbing?

My advice would be if they are interested, go for it and stick to it.

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